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Lotus Birthing Herbs

Lotus Birthing Herbs

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A Lotus Birth is the practice of leaving the placenta attached to the baby until the umbilical cord naturally separates. This is a wonderful ritual not just for the numerous benefits to your baby but for the spiritual and the graceful transition into life with a smooth and calm pace for your baby.

The gentleness of a Lotus Birth is also a wonderful way for mum, baby, daddy and any siblings to create a closer unity as the separation of the cord allows everyone to slow down and indulge in the bonding experience with the new baby. This is sometimes called a Baby Moon.

If you are planning to have a Lotus Birth, the most important thing is to keep the placenta dry and well looked after during the days that it is still attached to baby. Nourishing Mama Lotus Birth Herbs have been specially blended to provide you with the anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties you need to look after the placenta while keeping it wonderfully clean and aromatic.

After carefully draining and cleaning the placenta, pat dry and sprinkle a handful of herbs every 8-12 hours making sure to pat dry in between also. Adding salt will facilitate the drying process and the herbs will keep the placenta clean and wonderfully aromatic during the transition of the Lotus Birth. The placenta must be kept in an absorbent wrapping cloth or a large thick double muslin inside a waterproof container such as a small basket. These are only basic instructions so we encourage you to research the best method for you and your family.
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