About Us

My Story

I’m Denisse, formulator and founder of Nourishing Mama. Having spent my early years in Ecuador, I was always used to natural remedies made by my grandma. As I grew up, I started to gain an interest in natural remedies and using herbs from day-to-day. Later on, I learned that my paternal grandmother was a herbalist and I knew where my love for herbs and connection to Mother Earth came from.

I’ve always been fascinated and obsessed with creating things from scratch, from home cooking to homemade goods, so when I had my first baby and her skin didn’t take too well to baby skincare already available due to all the nasties they contained, I was excited to start making simple body care products for me and my family to avoid all the chemicals that need not live on our skin.

I raised

my baby as close to nature
as possible and …
  • always searched and created natural alternatives to harmful cleaning and household products, but It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second child and planning for my homebirth that I took my first course in Herbalism.

    I was looking for natural ways to heal postpartum and started to learn more about herbs to help. I was so amazed by the blend of herbs I created and used immediately after birthing my baby in my living room, that I wanted to share them with other mamas to be. That is where Nourishing Mama was born. It came from a desire to help other mamas connect and resort to Mother Nature for natural healing after the most beautiful and empowering act, which is bringing life to this earth.

  • As my herbs gained popularity, I wanted to offer more for mamas and babies, but I knew that just following online recipes wasn’t enough and needed true knowledge behind me to offer safe and effective products. After much research, I found the School for Natural Skincare and decided to take their Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation to learn how to make the products the correct way.

    Armed with the combined knowledge my formulation and herbalism courses provided me, as well as my previous experience as a beauty therapist for over 10 years, I designed my first herbal infused Mama and Baby range offering products to assist both mother and baby in the first tender days and beyond.

Since then

we have
  • gone on to create more vitamin-rich, nourishing, herbal infused products that are not only safe for the skin but are also kind to the planet.

    Using only natural and almost all organic ingredients, Nourishing Mama offers a different types of body butters to bath salts and body scrub bars as well as candles.

    All in recyclable and reusable packaging, using local vendors whenever possible so reducing the carbon footprint of our brand.