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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m pregnant, can I use your products?

Our products are formulated to be safe to use during pregnancy, however please know they contain essential oils so always check the labels or send us a quick message to double check.

Are your products safe for babies?

We have a dedicated baby range however our “Unscented” Deluxe Body Butter is perfect for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.

Can the Organic Birthing Herbs be used before birth?

Yes! They are designed to relieve aches and pains so are perfectly safe to use before birth too!

Do your products have expiry dates?

All of our products have a use by date on the label but usually last 6-12 months.

My product looks a little different from last time.

Please note the nature of handcrafted items is that they may differ slightly from batch to batch, however rest assured you are getting the same quality as all of our products are handmade using the exact same ingredients, methods and measurements.

My butter has melted a little.

When Shea butter sits at a slightly high temperature, it will naturally begin to melt. For this reason please keep your jars in a cool place away from sunlight. If your butter melts you can put it in the fridge for a few hours or use it as it is since you will still get all the benefits of the formulation.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes we do, we ship worldwide. Please see each item for delivery costs.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes we do at a minimum order of 50 (depending on the product). Please send us an email either way to discuss further.