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Herbal Bath Salts

Herbal Bath Salts

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Experience the ultimate relaxation with our revitalizing Herbal Bath Salts, meticulously handcrafted using a blend of Epsom and Himalayan healing salts, pure essential oils, and organic botanicals. Designed to soothe your body, mind, and soul, these bath salts offer a rejuvenating yet deeply relaxing bathing experience.

Benefits of using Herbal Bath Salts include:

- Muscle Relaxation
- Soothing and repairing damaged skin
- Stress and anxiety reduction
- Soothing effect on the nervous system
- Aiding in the healing of various skin conditions
- Promoting skin cell renewal


Begin by setting the scene: Put on a relaxing playlist, pour yourself your favorite wine or hot brew, and light some gorgeous soy wax candles.

Add half (90g) or a third (120g) of the bath salts into your bathtub. Fill the tub with warm water and allow the salts to dissolve before getting in. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Herbal Bath Salts are Vegan, Handmade, Organic, and Cruelty-Free, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence in self-care.

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I love it!

I never take baths and ive been told to do this once a week to release stress. I was searching for a small business to support and i found this. I have never enjoyed taking baths as i thought i would. I got the lavender one and it smells great you can smell how natural it is. I LOVE It