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Organic Postpartum Healing Herbs

Organic Postpartum Healing Herbs

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Hey mama! Your body goes through a lot after delivery, both physically and emotionally which is why it’s so important to give it the care and attention it truly deserves. Nourishing Mama’s Postpartum Healing Herbs are here to help you do just that; heal, provide relief and recovery both physically and mentally after delivery and beyond.

The wonderful combination of organic herbs and flowers are carefully selected to provide you with the most relaxing and soothing experience while assisting with natural healing as they are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and astringent properties.

Add them to a gorgeously warm bath to minimise swelling, soothe perineal muscles and hemorrhoids, slow bleeding, repair damaged and inflamed tissue and promote peaceful sleep. Allow the healing herbs to alleviate your body from pain and discomfort following childbirth to leave you renewed and ready to focus on your new precious baby.

For best results use as soon as possible after birth and take 1-2 baths a day for the first week. You may gradually reduce that to 3 times a week from then on.

Why not take a soothing bath with your baby? Their tender skin will benefit from all the healing and calming properties the special blend holds as well as assisting with umbilical cord healing. You can also infuse the herbs in a jar and make a peri spray as well as pouring the infusion on pads and freezing these to wear for much needed relief.

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