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Baby Booty Balm

Baby Booty Balm

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Experience the Baby Booty Balm, a thoughtfully crafted blend of pure, natural, and organic ingredients infused with herbal goodness. Designed to soothe irritation, prevent infection, and maintain dryness on inflamed skin.

Indulge your baby's skin with Calendula-infused Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil, providing nourishment and relief. Evening Primrose Oil supports the skin's healthy barrier function, while Zinc Oxide, a classic nappy balm ingredient, offers exceptional drying and antimicrobial properties. Delicate hints of Chamomile and Lavender essential oils contribute to calming irritation and redness.

For application, gently apply the Baby Booty Balm to clean, dry skin, ensuring a protective layer. Reapply during each nappy change and as needed to keep your baby's skin comforted.

Rest easy knowing that Baby Booty Balm is a natural, organic, and cruelty-free choice for your little one's delicate skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Charlie McGrath
Also great for chin rash!

Was gifted a tin of this and my daughter thankfully doesn't get a lot of nappy rash, but she's started teething and it's brilliant for soothing her sore chin from drooling!

Diana Rivera
Best nappy cream

The only nappy cream I have used on my boy since birth, and he has never had a nappy rash/burn. A lovely creamy texture and smell.

Highly recommend!

I'm sorry - but this product right here is something else! I have 3 children, and both my first two suffered from terrible nappy rash. I used several different over the counter products from the chemist & supermarket which always seemed to soothe but never really heal the nappy rash. For my youngest, I bought the baby booty balm and I could not believe how potent it was! Not only did it cover, and soothe but it completely healed the rash every single time! I now use it regularly as a preventative and my daughter has not had a nappy rash in over six months! I literally cannot recommend this product enough, love-love-love it!!

Sensitive Skin

My baby is constantly getting nappy rash I was using sudo cream and etanium but she's always red. Ive used other products from nourishing mama so I thought to try this out as it's organic and natural ingredients! And OMG i should have found this sooner it's literally amazing her bum is rash free and a little goes along way Iv been using it for just a week and I saw results Within a day ! Really recommend it for mamas who have babies with sensitive skin or constantly getting nappy rash